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About Compliance Learning Solutions

CLS is made for professionals by professionals

Established in 2012, Compliance Learning Solutions (CLS) is a Texas-based family business. In other words, CLS offers easy, fast, and effective compliance training courses.

These online courses were made for busy professionals JUST LIKE YOU through distance learning solutions.

This amazing company knows that compliance training is necessary and often mandatory. Therefore, their mission includes designing courses that are time efficient, engaging, and cost-effective.

Compliance Learning Solutions (CLS)…

  • Uses an award-winning learning management system (LMS) that is user-friendly and allows leaders to oversee employee training
  • Enables company leadership to monitor progress of each course and every learner at any level
  • Can train as little as one employee or thousands of cross-industry professionals
  • Devotes time, money, and resources to offering superior customer service

About the Owner

Michelle Bordovsky, owner of CLS, is a 15-year veteran of the field of education. For instance, Bordovsky spends countless hours in the following:

  • Researching HIPAA privacy and security rules
  • Consulting with the Office for Civil Rights
  • Interviewing HIPAA compliance officers
  • Conversing with additional external experts
  • Working with several content writers that are highly experienced with each topic in the course library

CLS Philanthropy

CLS is not just about offering courses at a fair price. For example, they also dedicate time and money in support of teen suicide prevention.

Therefore, a percentage of all course sales goes to non-profit organization, Cassidy Joined for Hope. In addition, these two companies have a long history of partnership.

The mission of Cassidy Joined for Hope is to prevent teen suicide by providing resources, support, and education. All resources are made available to schools and communities. Moreover, these options save teenagers from the act of suicide.


In conclusion, Compliance Learning Solutions is a great choice for online compliance learning. View their courses today to see how they might be able to catapult your organization!

Cassidy Joined For Hope is for suicide prevention
Cassidy Joined For Hope