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About Compliance Learning Solutions

Compliance Learning Solutions – 2012

Let me tell you about Compliance Learning Solutions…

CLS is a family-owned business that specializes in compliance centered e-learning courseware.

This company offers fast, efficient, and effective online courses made possible by industry professionals – for busy persons JUST LIKE YOU!

Even though this business is Texas-made, the content is consumable by persons all over the globe. That is, the materials are available 24 hours a day – seven days a week.

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The CLS Mission & Direction

The mission of CLS includes designing content that is engaging and cost-effective.

The course topics include COVID-19, sexual harassment, PPE in the workplace, hazard communications, Texas H.B. 300, and so many more.

In summary, this amazing company knows that compliance training is necessary and can even be mandatory. They can help not only you, but your staff too – and they will do so with excellent support.

Benefits of Choosing CLS

  • CLS uses an award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) that is user-friendly and allows leaders to oversee training progress from start to finish – regardless of whether training is mandatory or optional
  • Enables company leadership to create a strategy by providing the appropriate personnel with logins to commence their own training
  • Can offer training to a single employee or thousands of cross-industry professionals
  • Is a company that devotes time, money, and resources in offering ‘best-in-class’ customer service

About the Owner

Michelle Bordovsky is a 15-year veteran in the field of education and is no stranger to brainstorming and collaboration – regardless of industry, personality, or profession.

Above all, she works tirelessly with external industry leaders, including HIPAA regulatory & compliance professionals, content writers, Office of Civil Rights, website designers, SEO experts, and many others.

In addition to working with industry professionals, she makes time to answer questions from people JUST LIKE YOU. Above all, Bordovsky seeks to stay on top of e-learning trends to make sure CLS brings you the very best information at your fingertips.


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Moreover, CLS is more than just a company that offers online courses at a fair price, they also support world-wide initiatives. That is, one of the companies near and dear to their heart is Cassidy Joined for Hope.

Cassidy Joined for Hope is a non-profit organization in support of teen suicide prevention. They do so by providing families and young women with potentially life-saving support and education.

All Cassidy Joined for Hope resources are made available to schools and communities by support from companies such as CLS.

A portion of each sale goes to support this needed and worthy organization.

How can YOU support this worthy cause TODAY?

In summary, by supporting CLS and purchasing their courses, you are indirectly also supporting the need to educate teenagers and others about mental health.

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