CLS is Vital Support Mechanism for Success Against COVID-19

Compliance Learning Solutions Provides Online Training for Businesses, Employees HOUSTON, Texas – While the world rightfully celebrates the historic arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine, experts say it’s important to understand that getting immunized does not, by itself, eliminate the need for virus protection protocols. Even with the vaccine rollout underway, wearing a mask and educating […]

Coronavirus Prevention Protocols Expand to Include Knowledge

Compliance Learning Solutions Provides Tools to Protect Businesses, Employees HOUSTON, Texas – The second wave of coronavirus is hitting with full force. Holiday celebrations across the country have, unfortunately, escalated its severity. Scientists and medical experts agree it is more vital than ever for Americans to focus on, and follow, prevention protocols, as the world […]

California Created a Modern-Day ‘Telephone Game’

What Can I Do When RJ11 Cabling is NOT an Option? As a kid, you may have had a tree house, or a fort, and probably multiple. Perhaps you even had outposts scattered throughout the yard. You ‘might’ have connected each station with yarn spread between  two plastic cups – one at each end. The yarn […]

CLS Expands COVID-19 Training to Include Employers

Web-based Program is Tool to Combat Tidal Wave of COVID-related Workplace Lawsuits HOUSTON, Texas – A growing number of companies across the nation are doing the smart thing in the age of COVID-19: They are training their employees to protect themselves and others from exposure to the virus in the workplace. They are achieving this […]

Employers Seek to ‘Crack the C.O.D.E.’ on COVID-19

Searching for Answers Similar to the characters in the movie, “The Da Vinci Code,” employers often scramble around seeking answers to questions such as the following: How did Sally test positive for COVID-19? Who else did she come in contact with while working and interacting on-site? What actions can I take to stop the spread […]

Helping Employees Yell “Red Light” on COVID-19

A Child-like View Many of you might recall playing, “Red Light, Green Light” as a child. A group of kids would assemble in a line during recess with one child assigned to be the ‘traffic light.’ This child would stand with their back to a line of kids and remain about 20 feet away. When the traffic patroller shouted, “Green […]

Texas-based Compliance Learning Solutions Offers Help to Companies Wary of COVID-19 Litigation

HOUSTON, Texas – As of mid-August, about 4,300 legal complaints were filed nationwide since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many targeting corporations and conditions of employment. In Texas, there were 299 complaints filed, according to a COVID-19 lawsuit tracker built by the Washington, D.C.-based international law firm Hunton Andrews Kurth. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to […]

CLS Announces COVID-19 Employee Training

CLS is pleased to announce our all new COVID-19 Employee Training Course. Whether you are an individual or a manager responsible for training 100’s of employees, we make it simple to document the fact that your employees are trained during this Coronavirus pandemic. Unlike a poster or training video, our COVID-19 course offers more accountability […]