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CLS Affiliate Program

CLS Affiliate

Thank you for your interest in partnering with CLS to offer compliance training courses to your customers and website visitors. Apply for our CLS Affiliate Program below and we will be in touch with you shortly. We provide you with commission rates and other information.

Who is the CLS Affiliate Program for?

This membership option is for persons wanting to support and give back to CLS (CLS Affiliate). CLS is a company that aligns with the individual’s frame of mind and thought process.

Similarly, CLS allows individuals who have taken their courses to make money by promoting the content and courses.

What is the CLS Affiliate Program?

This is an initiative to create ambassadors (Ambassador Program) of the training from various countries around the world. Likewise, affiliates spread the message of benefit that those can receive by completing the content. This is true regardless of whether the course is about COVID-19 (prevention) or Sexual Harassment.

COVID-19 Courseware by CLS
COVID-19 Courseware by CLS

Why does the CLS Affiliate Program exist?

In conclusion, this program ensures that these courses are more widely-available for others to experience. After all, we seek to make the content available to a growing number of professionals. This applies to both your personal education and position or outlook within the company for which you serve.

Imagine for a moment that you are playing the Telephone game. The more people that hear the message, the higher the broadcast capabilities.

The affiliate area is available only for registered affiliates.

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