Value in Taking the COVID-19 Vaccine

As of April 25, 2021 85,086,141 (25.6%) of the United States has received the 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to the CDC. That number is even higher for those who have received just the 1st does at this time, coming
in at 138,644,724 (41.8%) of the total American population.

Even a Magician Can’t Wear Gloves and Make COVID-19 Disappear

Do Gloves Actually Work? “Hokus Pokus!” If you’ve ever been to a magic show, you have heard these infamous words. Maybe the magic phrase was more like: “Abra Cadabra!” No matter the exact words or phrase, I bet even their gloves wouldn’t be enough if he or she were performing a trick with an audience […]

CALIFORNIA: Creation of a Modern-Day ‘Telephone Game’

What Can I Do When RJ11 Cabling is NOT an Option? As a kid, you may have had a tree house, or a fort, and probably multiple. Perhaps you had outposts scattered throughout the yard. You ‘might’ have connected each station with yarn spread between  two plastic cups – one at each end. The yarn would […]

CLS is Educating Employers on COVID Risks and Measures

Web-based Program is Tool to Combat Tidal Wave of COVID-related Workplace Lawsuits HOUSTON, Texas – A growing number of companies across the nation are doing the smart thing in the age of COVID-19: They are training their employees to protect themselves and others from exposure to the virus in the workplace. They are achieving this […]