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Here you will find a listing of CLS Q&A (questions & answers) organized in a listing of CLS FAQ.

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CLS FAQ Main Topics

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CLS Questions and Answers

A list of states that require COVID-19 employee training may be found here:

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) requires HIPAA training and is not specific as to how often employees of covered entities should be trained. It depends on your medical organization as to how often employees should be HIPAA trained and updated.

However, Texas H.B. 300 states that employers are required to have their personnel HIPAA trained within 90 days of hire or possibly be penalized if an audit is conducted. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recommends Annual Training. Please See Page 10 of

You can print or e-mail the certificate upon completion of the course. This certificate can be provided to your manager or institution for proof of purchase or completion.

The certificate of completion does not have an expiration date. However, the date of completion will be on the certificate.

States are beginning to pass their own privacy legislation in addition to Federal HIPAA laws. Texas is one of those states. In conclusion, if you come in contact with PHI for Texas residents, you are subject to Texas H.B. 300 rules and regulations.

Ancillary Resources

Below you will find some external resources. The organizations listed continue to up-to-date pages, notifications, training, and strategies.

Therefore, each entity gives tons of regulatory-focused information.

In Conclusion…

First of all, CLS works hard to be a Q&A resource. That is, they want to be your FIRST resource to get questions and answers.

Additionally, CLS has partnered with organizations, such as Labor Law Compliance Center. This means that you, our loyal customer, has even more means for getting the answers you need.

Finally, there are several external agencies that provide the following information:

  • Complementary resources
  • Documentation
  • Forms
  • Graphics (in addition, images, photos)
  • Posters
  • Materials in varying languages
  • Moreover, they may also offer Regional, state, or even country support