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COVID-19 for Employees and Employers Safety Addendum

It is important to note that the CDC and OSHA guidelines for COVID-19 are rapidly changing. Therefore, it is important to think about not only your personal safety, but also the safety of others you may encounter daily.

Whether the vaccine is available, or a mask is required in the situation or your line of work, you will be faced with personal choices. Coming up with a solution means making a very personal decision.

To help give aid based on the general setting, several governing bodies and agencies have issued – and continue to issue – guidance to keep people safe as possible.

Helpful COVID-19 Update Websites

CDC Updates

As you know, the CDC takes COVID-19 very seriously. Regardless of the numbers by county or state, there are several people that are still very much at risk – even though several of the mandates for mask wearing may have been lifted or relaxed.

Now that multiple vaccines are becoming more widely available, we are continually being provided with new information for safer operation across several industries.

Here are just a few of the recent topics addressed by the CDC (complete with publish date as a reference):

OSHA Guidance

OSHA deals with our personal and professional obligations and the enforcement of COVID-19 related protocols.

Here are just a few of the recent topics addressed by OSHA (complete with publish date as a reference):

Information from Additional Government Agencies

Several additional government agencies, such as the EPA, have stepped in to provide guidelines and responses to the virus, as well as disinfectants, air filters, and cleaners.

The following links help us be informed of things that are easily overlooked.

Take a few moments to look over these details. Perhaps they will give you things to think about for your various settings.