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Texas HB 300 Training

The Texas House Bill 300 (Texas HB 300) course will help Texas Organizations meet the required Texas HB 300 training mandated by the state of Texas. Fines for non-compliance of Texas HB 300 range from $5,000 to $1.5 million.

Federal HIPAA and Texas HB 300 is enforced by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and the Texas Attorney General. Combined federal and state fines vary from $5,000 to $3 million. There were 13,020,821 health records breached in 2018. The Office for Civil Rights recommends periodic HIPAA training. Although they do not specifically state it should be conducted annually, rather when there is a change in personnel or when technology changes. We recommend that anyone handling Protected Health Information (PHI) have annual HIPAA training, and anyone handling PHI for Texas residents have annual Texas HB 300 training to fully document training compliance. This not only includes medical personnel, but also dental personnel, schools, universities, researchers, IT service providers, court reporters, government agencies, or anyone who may come in contact with PHI. Click here for more information about Texas HB 300.

Course Description

This course was designed to inform professionals that handle Texan Protected Health Information (PHI) of Texas HB 300. It places stricter requirements on patient health privacy than those required by federal HIPAA laws. Organizations, business associates and individuals that come into contact with Texan PHI are required to meet Texas HB 300 requirements. Non-compliance of Texas H.B. 300 can lead to hefty fines in addition to HIPAA non-compliance fines. Employees as well as organizations can be penalized for non-compliance. After completing this course the learner will be able to implement procedures that will keep Texan PHI secure. Even if you work outside the state of Texas, if you handle patient records for citizens of Texas, you are required by law to have Texas HB 300 Training.

Texas H.B. 300 Mandates:

  • Employees must provide training in protecting patient privacy within 90 days of hire.
  • Employees handling protected health information (PHI) must receive state and federal training.
  • Enforcement by Texas Attorney General’s office.


  • Healthcare providers & employees who come  in contact with Texas patient records
  • Medical office managers who come in contact with Texas patient records
  • Mental health workers who come  in contact with Texas patient records
  • Dental office employees who come  in contact with Texas patient records
  • School and University personnel who come in contact with Texas patient records
  • Researchers who come in contact with Texas patient records
  • Internet or IT service providers who come in contact with Texas patient records
  • Government agency personnel who come  in contact with Texas patient records
  • Legal council and court reporters who come  in contact with Texas patient records
  • Anyone who operates a computer or website that collects, stores, or interacts with PHI

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of the Texas HB 300 training course the learner will be able to:

  • Explain the provisions of Texas HB 300
  • Define the terms ‘business associate’ and ‘covered entity’ and state examples of each
  • Describe patient rights under Texas HB 300
  • Discuss breach notification requirements and fines associated with non-compliance
  • Implement procedures that are compliant with Texas HB 300

Course Duration: 30 minutes

Enforced by: Texas State Attorney General

The CLS Difference:

  • Training on your schedule
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Receive a certificate of completion
  • Meets NIST Guidelines
  • Manage and track group enrollments
  • Group discounts available

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