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Why CLS?

CLS Benefits

First, there are several reasons to ask, “Why Compliance Learning Solutions?” That said, check out the following images.

Content & Design
Guidelines & Leaders
Competitive Pricing & Excellent Service

Our Audiences

We serve all industries where staff handles, collects, stores, or interacts with patient data (PHI). Therefore, is a good chance we have a course for YOU!

  • Dental Associates & Employees
  • Healthcare Providers and Employees
  • Medical Office Managers and Office Staff
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Surgery Centers/Dialysis Centers
  • Home care agencies
  • Marriage, family, and child therapists
  • Funeral directors
  • Dietitians or Nutritionists
  • Medical paper shredding companies
  • Substance Abuse Counselors
  • Pharmacy benefit managers for health plans
  • Medical billing or claims processors
  • School/University personnel
  • Researchers in contact with patient records
  • Internet & IT service providers
  • Government agencies & personnel
  • Legal council and reporters
  • Some courses/content may also target industrial personnel

Our Mission

To deliver superior training and be a recognized leader by:

  • Providing online learner paced courses.
  • Working with our customers/affiliates to provide custom learning solutions that exceed learning needs.

Our Philosophy & Vision

CLS Values:


  • Inform customers and affiliates with accuracy and with the right amount of detail regarding the content of a course.


  • Tell customers and affiliates the “right” thing – not what they want to hear.


  • Use technology and knowledge to suggest new tools or new ways of thinking.


  • Talk openly with all team members by setting realistic expectations.


  • Discern what it means to offer quality over quantity.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Perform as an ambassador by being familiar with the current product offerings.


  • Act in a timely manner regarding knowledge of industry changes that impact the existing course offerings.

Above all, we are here to serve you and we value YOU!

CLS Vision

  • To be a trusted advisor and valued partner (for example, providing compliance learning services).
  • This will be done while incorporating new/updated courses as compliance needs arise.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, CLS is your place for custom, industry specific training.

For instance, if you need to gain visibility into staff training, CLS allows you to keep a close eye on personal progress.

Therefore, check out the Course Library page and see how we can help you TODAY!

Finally, have we answered the question of, “Why Compliance Learning Solutions?”